History is Herstory Too

Someone very wise once said “History is Herstory too.”

Behind every powerful man, stands a powerful, cunning and brilliant woman. However most of the time (not all of the time, but most) her story goes unnoticed. Throughout history, women have done incredible things that should be noticed and should be praised for. This is where our job comes in. We are here to uncover their stories, to capture the world through their eyes and ultimately motivate people (be it men or women) to do the same.

So, without further ado, in the style of Julia Powell, we start our journey:

The Mission: Spread the word about incredible women of today through interviews, profiles, the works.

The “Journalists”: INSPIRE @ Brooklyn Technical High School. A  few  girls trying to inspire the world….one blog at a time.

We can understand why you would not want to read this. Why should you care about someone who is not in any way close to you? Why should you care about this blog if you have number of other important things to do? Why should you care about what we have to say? The truth is you don’t. But think about it this way… Will it hurt you that much if you listen? Wouldn’t you want someone to care about your achievements? Wouldn’t you want to enthuse people?

We know it’s a lot of questions to be asked in such a short period of time. We figure we should just let you mull them over.

We leave you, however, with one last thought: These women have achieved success, why not let them inspire you?


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