“If we want our girls to benefit from the courage and wisdom of the women before them, we have to share the stories.” – Shireen Dodson

As February comes to a close, we enter the month of March, also known as women’s history month. The celebration of women’s history began as women’s history week, in Sonoma County, California in 1978. This week included March 8th, International Women’s Day. Then, in 1981, Senator Orinn Hatch and Barbara Mikulski co-sponsored a joint Congressional Resolution for a National Women’s History Week. Then, within the next 6 years, Congress expanded the celebration of women into a month – March.

Throughout history, women have worked hard in order to fight for equal voting rights, equal pay and equal treatment. And to a degree, much of this has been established. However, there is always room for improvement.

Although women in the Western world have achieved some equality, women in other parts of the world are still suffering and lacking a voice. These women are still living in societies where they are discouraged from voicing their opinions.

For this reason, the INSPIRE@BTHS team interviews inspirational women once a month in order to inspire other women to work hard, try hard and succeed in their following their dreams. Our motto is work hard for yourself, for your family, and for those women around the world who still need someone to voice their opinions for them.

Here is an article about an Indian woman who broke barriers and got control of her life. Kakuben Lalabhai Parmar, a Gajarati women from a cattle-herding community, was from an untouchable caste. The men in her society controlled all aspects of the household. Nonetheless, through the Self Employed Women’s Association, also known as the SEWA project, Parmar was able to stand up on her own feet and eventually control the household account.

The INSPIRE@BTHS team will continue to bring our readers inspirational women that are taking steps to change the world. We hope that our past subjects have been worth reading about and we hope our future subjects are even more exciting for our devoted readers.

March may be women’s history month, but, for the INSPIRE@BTHS team, it means a little a more. March also marks the INSPIRE@BTHS team’s first anniversary! We couldn’t have made it this far without our readers and our interviewees. So, we’d like to take this time to thank you all for reading the blog and contributing to our experience as we try to make little changes in today’s world.

Stay tuned for our upcoming, inspiring interviewees. And remember: Be assertive. Be curious and most importantly, be inspired.

Adieu and Arrivaderci everyone! Until next time on INSPIRE@BTHS.


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